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Every donation matters

El Paso Choral Society has been an inspiring non-profit organization that for over 70 years has touched the lives of many residents of El Paso, Ciudad Juarez and Las Cruces.


By supporting the El Paso Choral Society, you are helping to cultivate and enrich lives across our region through exceptional musical experiences, as well as sponsoring local singers and musicians to provide their gifts to our community.


Our organization has a strong positive impact in our city unlike any other.  We support and develop local talent through music programs and enrich our community through music. Your support will help us to sustain our artistic programs and keep bringing quality of life to our region. Contributions, no matter the size, make a measurable difference for us.




Double Bass Player

you have three ways that you can support us:

1.- Become a one-time donor  
2.- Become a subscriber by providing a small monthly donation
3.- Underwrite our next performance by supporting one specific aspect of it, including our performers and orchestra
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