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Questions & Answer

Who needs to audition?


  • All new singers must audition to be in the Chorale. Anyone who would like to be in Chamber Choir, regardless if they have something with the Chamber Choir in the past, must audition every year. The Chamber Choir is a small core group of paid singers.


What is Performance Attire?



  • Black, long floor length dress (or loose flowing pants or skirt-legs should not be seen).

  • Modest in style and should cover arms with sleeves or black shawl.

  • Black shoes.


  • Black, short tuxedo

  • White wing tipped tuxedo shirt

  • Black tuxedo bow tie

  • Black socks and shoes


  • Only normal hair colors

  • Regular hairdos

  • Small jewelry that does not sparkle when light hits it

  • Please wear deodorant, but unscented – many are allergic to scent.


How many programs do you sing per year?


  • We typically have two major performances this season. Check our performances page for more information.

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