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Current Season

November  23th, 2019

Chichester Psalms - Leonard Bernstein / Missa di Gloria - Giacomo Puccini - Abraham Chavez Theatre

April 4th, 2020

Chichester Psalms - Leonard Bernstein / Messa di Gloria - Giacomo Puccini - Abraham Chavez Theatre


Chichester Psalms is an extended choral composition in three movements by Leonard Bernstein for boy treble or countertenor, choir and orchestra. The text was arranged by the composer from the Book of Psalms in the original Hebrew. Part 1 uses Psalms 100 and 108, Part 2 uses 2 and 23, and Part 3 uses 131 and 133.


Bernstein scored the work for a reduced orchestra, but also made a version for a smaller ensemble of organ, one harp, and percussion.

April 3th, 2020

Elijah - Felix Mendelssohn - Abraham Chavez Theatre

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